• Leise und nahezu unbemerkt hat Blizzard ihn fertigegestellt. 4.3.4

    Was Bringt dieser Patch:


    The first change is the addition of BattleTag support in the UI. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any way to add a player by their BattleTag at this time.

    In the current state on the PTR, a player can add a friend by their BattleTag in the Diablo III beta, and then interact with that friend on the WoW PTR servers. This means that players may be able to add friends in a similar manner through the Diablo III game once it is released on May 15th, but will be unable to do so until then.

    Dazu kommt noch das neue Report System welches schon in der Beta ist, ihr könnt nun im für den Namen oder verdachts des Cheaten über die emalige "Report Player" Spieler melden.